Neotonus Chair

The Wave Brilliance therapy is a chair which uses magnet technology to stimulate the vital muscles of the pelvic floor which can not be stimulated through pelvic floor exercises alone. The patient sits fully clothed on the chair and can read a magazine or book while the 20 minute treatment occurs. Although the treatment is painless, the action of the magnets can certainly be felt by the patient as the pelvic floor muscles repeatedly flex and tighten. The treatment course should consist of 16-20 session, with the patient visiting 2-3 times a week.

Can anyone use it? 

Wave Brilliance therapy is recommended for all patients who are experiencing urinary and faecal incontinence as well as erectile dysfunction. As prevention is better than a cure, this therapy is also indicated for patients with a risk of prolapse.

The therapy is not indicated for in instances of pregnancy, metallic hip replacements and some metal implants or pacemakers.

How much does it cost? 

The course of this treatment if bulk billed.

How can I book an appointment? 

It is always encouraged to discuss treatment options with your GP, however, no referral is needed for our patients.